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Faux Wood Venetians

One of the most popular products on the market at the moment. Clean lines, stylish range of colours, easy to clean and they look great. What more could you want! 

Faux Wood Venetians are a stellar product that we love and so do our customers. They come in a great range of colours that match any interior design. They can be a stand out window covering or a subtle background feature in white.

The most popular colour for this product is white and once you see them up, you will understand why. We can supply them in darker browns to provide that cosier feel. Or in different shades of grey. 

Faux Wood Venetians are great alternative to shutters. 

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Compared to real wood venetians, faux wood venetains are a cheaper product. The cheap faux wood venetians are made from lesser materials as such they cost less. We tend to steer customers to a product that we are proud of and is designed to last.

A very popular choice is white, grey or dark browns. They fit well with most colour schemes in your home and you can easily change rooms around and have your blinds stay put. 

Our team have samples that we can show you and help you pick the one you are happiest with.

They can block out a certain amount of light, not all light. When they are tightly closed in the downward position they block out light. 

If you wanted something to block out light we would always recommend a blackout roller blinds which can cut more light coming from a window. 

You can get faux wood, real wood and both of those come in a range of sizes and colours. 

A decision people make is if they prefer with our without tapes on their venetians. The tapes are cotton ribbon over a cord. Tapes give the product a very different look and feel. 

Yes, as these are a composite material they are great for bathrooms, easy to wipe down and can have the added benefit of some privacy. 

Similar to bathrooms they are a great product for kitchens, being a composite material they are easy to clean. Any unfortunate splashes or dust/grime over time can be wiped off. 

The same reason lots of customers do, they are a great product with many positives and fewer negatives than real wood venetians. Plus they are in style at the moment. 

As the product is not made from natural wood and from a composite material, they do tend to last, depending on usage. You can get metal venetians also which as you know metals can last a long time. 

As always, if you look after them they will look after you. 

We only believe in quality and the faux woods we provide match our company morals. 

We see all kinds of window covering products from a range of manufacturers and suppliers. We are very happy with the current quality of the product we can supply you. 

If you choose to go with us, then you don’t have to fit them. Included in all of our deals is our fitting services.

You can always fit them yourself if that is your preference. 

Other lines that we can offer are metal, real wood and faux wood venetians. 

A popular product is metal perfect fit venetians for french/patio doors. A great product to navigate the difficult spacing and area that doors can create. 

The work on a pull cord system. You pull the cord to raise and release the cord to lower them. 

On the perfect fit venetians these are raised an lowered on a tensioned system that allows you to manually raise and lower them by hand. 

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