Roller Blinds

With their sleek and simple lines, made-to-measure Roller blinds are an easy and budget-friendly way to transform any room.

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Made To Measure Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great, quick and cost effective way to add a splash of something special to the windows in your home. 

Our Roller Blinds come in a wide range of sizes, styles (from blackout to pattern) and most colours options. There is a no doubt we have a colour that can match the interior or personal preference to match your home. 

Our expert team are here to guide you throughout the whole process and our promise is always quality roller blinds at great prices.  

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Roller blinds are actually one of the most affordable window coverings. This is because of how they are made and the cost can really come down to the type of fabric you choose. Just like if you pick cashmere over cotton. 

We have an array of fabrics and types of fabrics that you can pick from. Our sales team will show you each type and talk you through the pros and cons of each. 

Fabrics range from standard, which are plain colours with little detail. These are cost effective and popular. 

Patterned fabrics that have designs running throughout them.

Blackout fabrics, these have a special coating that block light from passing through the fabric. Think of an extra layer on the back to prevent any light from penetrating the material. 

Upmarket fabrics that have special materials woven through them to provide different effects. Meaning rather than a standard block of colour these have chances for light to scatter differently. Creating a more luxurious effect. 

A special kind of fabric called blackout fabrics can be used, also knows as blackout rollers. These prevent light from passing through the fabric with a special coating on the back of the fabric. 

Ideal for kids rooms, cinema rooms, bedrooms for light mornings and any other reason you might have to block out light. 

Standard roller blinds come with a chain operated mechanism that is used to pull the blind up and down. Our preference is to use a stainless steel chain to provide the best long lasting finish. These are wrapped around different sizes of pole depending on the width of the blind.

We also offer electric roller blinds, which can be controlled via a smart hub (think Alexa, Google Hub).Or with a remote control. 

You can also get roller blinds that can have a logo printed on to them. Ideal for businesses with windows that face footfall or a road. Free advertising for your business. 

In bathrooms, yes. Ideally fabrics that can hold up to the atmosphere that a bathroom creates. Think lots of steam from baths and showers, plus easier to clean fabrics to keep them looking fresh. Along with these we always recommend a chain material that wont suffer from these conditions as some materials can rust or deteriorate over time. 

A very popular choice for kitchens as they are easy to clean and operate. With a kitchen involving a lot of smells and messy business an easy to clean blind will keep your kitchen looking tip top for longer.

In some instances roller blinds are the obvious choice and in others they are not. It can be down to maybe a fabric that you really like or you need to budget for all your window coverings. 

Pick roller blinds for the ease of use, almost endless choices and they are always easy to replace when you are thinking about updating a room. 

Personally, the roller blinds I’ve had for three years can say yes, they do last. 

If you look after your blinds and don’t mind the same colours year after year. 

We pride and model our business on quality products. Meaning we only want to offer blinds that we know will last throughout all kinds of use cases. Be that a heavier used blind over one that only gets put up and down a few times a week. 

You can and that’s all Cross Blinds deal with. Quality Blinds at Great Prices.

There is cheaper fabrics and materials that mean a roller blind isn’t the same quality. Like any industry you can get cheaper products that don’t last the test of time. 

If you choose to go with us, then you don’t have to fit them. Included in all of our deals is the fittingw 

The most similar blinds are Day & Night Blinds, which we offer. These are two layers of fabric that create a unique look and style. 

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Free Measuring, Quotes & Fitting

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 150+ Five Star Facebook & Google Reviews 

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