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Thermal Blinds

Energy Efficient Thermal Blinds.

Thermal blinds are designed to manipulate temperature in a room by controlling the flow of heat. 

They effectively create an insulating barrier that prevents heated or cooled air from escaping out windows. This means your existing heating and cooling system can work less to maintain warmer or cooler indoor temps. Most clients see a 15-20% drop in their energy bills after installing thermal blinds in rooms with the worst temperature fluctuations.


Energy Efficiency & Other Benefits

Thermal blinds can reduce room heat by up to 20% in hot weather and retain up to 35% more heat in cold weather compared to regular blinds. Fitting the blinds correctly is essential to maximise their thermal benefits. The closer they fit to your window, the less chance of heat escaping or entering your room. Our team will customise the blinds to optimally fit your windows to maximise these temperature control benefits.

Besides helping manage room temperature, thermal blinds can also provide a significant level of light control, and because they often fit close to your window, they can increase privacy too. Some thermal blinds can offer noise reduction benefits as well.

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A Wide Range of Thermal Blinds

 We have a large variety of thermal blinds you can choose from. Our Thermal Roller Blinds come with safety features and waterproof options, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Thermal Perfect Fit Blinds are made to measure and are compatible with nearly all uPVC doors and windows. We also offer Thermal Motorised Blinds, functional Roman blinds with an advanced blackout lining or Thermal Vertical Blinds, for optimal light control.

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Thermal blinds are quite versatile and suitable for the majority of rooms in a house. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even a conservatory, thermal blinds can provide the benefits of temperature control, light control, and potentially noise reduction.

Let our thermal blind experts simplify the selection and installation process so you can soon enjoy improved temperature control.

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